02 02 2020 written in a numerical format is not only a unique and interesting mathematical pattern but it is also means “palin dromo” in Greek 'running back again'.

Number patterns are considered by some people as having special significance. 

The date is 02022020 = 8 (when added together) 

Therefore this transmission will be 8 special guest speakers from all over the globe speaking for 8 minutes. 

All here to support YOU from not "running back again"  

To activate YOU to MOVE FORWARD, to keep moving forward.

Additional transmissions will embed codes in a particular sequences that will activate and awaken an energy within you.

Special Guests

Vikki Thomas HOST


Global Entrepreneur, international speaker, spritual healer and guide, wealth and business strategist, chartered surveyor, investor and connector.

Ebonie Allard


Ebonie Allard is an award winning International Coach. She’s a Misfit turned Maven, an author, an artist, and an advocate.

Laura Jn.Pierre

ST LUCIA Laura Jn.Pierre is a Marketing Specialist/ Brand Manager by training and a social entrepreneur by profession.

Keri Norley

USA Author, Speaker, Soul Alignment Coach. For over 9 years, Keri has been coaching people to succeed in business, health, finances and relationships

Veronica Sosa


Founder of Business Fit Magazine, Founder of SHE Global community (Seminars of Holistic Entrepreneurs), Publisher, Author and Intelligent Connections Lover.

Shani Lee


Embodiment Coach, single mother of two beautiful children, who is spreading more love in the world through helping others love their bodies so that they can experience deeper layers of pleasure in many areas of their lives.

Nora Valencia


Nora is a Master in Multidimensional Transformation. Mentor and Visionary Artist who helps people to activate and Integrate their unique OverSoul Codes.

Barbara Dalle Pezze


Barbara Dalle Pezze, Ph.D., is an internationally respected life and executive coach, global leadership keynote speaker and author.